About us

About us

We have been, since our founding in 2011, more than 10 years ago, serving energy efficiency and sustainability. An end-to-end business model based on the commitment to constant improvement of the energy sector through two differentiated but synergistic business lines

The solid knowledge based on the experience of more than a decade working for the energy sector in the execution of comprehensive projects in the field of energy efficiency that, along with our digital capabilities in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, positions us as leaders in supporting the different sectors in their energy transition, to reduce costs and move onto the path of sustainability and commitment against climate change with the aim of achieving 0 emissions.


  • NOV 2011Start of Balantia’s activity

  • APR 2012Subscription of the first ESCO contracts in comprehensive scope projects

  • SEP 2013Awarded of MINETAD’s aid in EMPRENDETUR’s Young Entrepreneurs Program

  • AUG 2014Technical management of the largest ESCO contract in the tourism sector in partnership with Endesa in Spain’s Paradores Nacionales chain

  • DEC 2015Selected as Innovative Company by EOI’s Factoría de Innovación with PwC’s support

  • SEP 2016Start of the 1st Phase of Balantia’s Digitization Plan for the internal digitization processes

  • NOV 2016Opening of a new branch in Madrid

  • JAN 2017€ 10 MM invested in ESCO projects management

  • SEP 2017Start of the 2nd Phase of the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Digitization Plan

  • JAN 2018Consolidation in the industrial sector and launch of new digital-based services

  • JUN 2018400% growth in billing and 300% in investments

  • DEC 2019First round of Balantia’s financing, supported by venture capital

  • JUN 2020Leadership in accompanying utilities in the provision of their services to clients

  • DEC 2020Company billing record (+ 60% YoY)

  • JAN 202110th Balantia anniversary

  • APR 2021+ € 5 billion worth participation in PERTEs

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FLEXENER, flexible energy system for new decarbonization technologies efficient integration.

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Balantia, an energy efficiency solutions platform to provide businesses and privates energy savings.


With leading companies trust

With leading companies trust

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