“Through our experience, Balantia develops installations projects and a wide variety of professional services  to achieve energy optimization. With a Data Centric model as our differential value, we consolidate multiple sources of existing energy data to generate solutions adapted to the needs of the sector”.

From its acquisition to its consumption, we cover the entire energy value chain.


Energy Services

Through measurements and technical visits, we detect potential energy savings in any asset with energy consumptions. Based on the results obtained, we design and execute projects linked to savings. Balantia can assume the investments needed and get remuneration based on the success of its measures, annual utility savings will also usually provide the capital needed for critical upgrades. The demonstration of savings is done through the IPMVP of the Energy Valuation Organization (EVO) for which we have Certified Professionals in Measurement and Verification by the Association of Energy Engineers.

Energy Engineering, Procurement, Facilities & Commissioning

In retrofits, renovations or new works projects; we lead the execution of plumbing, sanitation, heating production, air conditioning and electricity facilities. From the Project Manager role, we apply to our proposals the perspective of energy efficiency and we review multiple suppliers to guarantee the best prices. Energy management system enhancements and retrofits can be phased in, allowing operations to continue without interruption as infrastructure is modified or replaced.

Digital Energy Solutions

High technological services provided by Balantia such as e-Value Management for energy management through the monitoring and exploitation of data, or accompaniment in the digitization process of utilities / power & Gas for the provision of added value services focused on customer.


Our team is expert in the study and optimization of the energy variable. Based on this knowledge, we perform energy audits to each sector and implement energy management systems focused on continuous improvement 100% certifiable under the UNE EN ISO 50.001 rule.


Energy Procurement Assessment

With more than 400 trading companies only in Spanish electricity market, is often too complex to optimize energy procurement prices and manage supply risks. Thanks to its knowledge and dedicated experts, Balantia is able to negotiate the best contract conditions considering the state, evolution and future expectations of the market and can remunerate its services based on the savings achieved.

Balantia is not affiliated with specific energy suppliers or equipment manufacturers; our energy services objectively lead each customer toward the optimal solution for their unique needs.


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About us

Balantia is a company dedicated to the provision of integral services in energy efficiency and sustainability.