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2020, the year of the energy audit for large companies

Royal Decree 56/2016 stipulates the performance of energy audits at large companies to measure their energy consumption and help them establish guidelines to become more efficient.
Any company with a workforce of more than 250 or with a turnover of over 50 million euros is required by law to carry out an energy audit that studies at least 85% of the energy consumption of its installations.

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Balantia, the right partner to fulfill the obligations of Royal Decree 56/2016

We identify the energy-consuming elements within an installation to dimension operational and/or investment solutions that optimize the energy cost of each process studied.

To do this, we apply a methodology based on the UNE EN 16247 standard that minimises the client's efforts and speeds up the preparation of a detailed final report.

Depending on the priority of the client, we carry out two types of audits:


Executive report in which the client can see:

Energy balance by source, both in energy and financial values.

Energy balance by use, both in energy and financial values.

Description of the company's main energy-consuming areas.

Sectorial KPIs.

Saving measures detected, both on an operational and investment level.


Report with an in-depth description and assessment of each and every aspect related to the energy of an asset.

This report will allow the company to comply with Royal Decree 56/2016 on Energy Audits.

Next Steps

The organisation may use the results of the energy audit to implement an Energy Management System that will provide a measured control of the installations and rule out the need for another energy audit in four years' time.



Our highly qualified team helps companies from all types of industries to identify opportunities in the electricity and gas markets to optimise fixed and variable costs when purchasing energy, without jeopardising minimum supply guarantees.

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With more than 550 companies providing electricity according to the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), the complexity of the Spanish energy market makes it difficult for companies to optimise energy supply prices.

Thanks to our knowledge and positioning with industry players, we identify the optimal conditions for contracting energy supply depending on the current market circumstances, selecting the best opportunities for our clients and negotiating the variables of the contract with energy companies in order to guarantee a quality supply at the best possible price.

What's more, we offer the option of paying for services based on the savings obtained once they have been contracted.


Certified management systems

Management systems are tools that help companies organise their activity around specific goals.
Although the most widespread systems are currently related to quality management (ISO 9001), the sustainability goals faced by companies are leading them to implement new processes that include energy and environmental variables.

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Certified management systems

To properly carry out these processes with its clients, Balantia helps them implement certifiable management systems based on the principles of continuous improvement and resource optimisation, such as:

UNE EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System Sistema de Gestión Energética that helps organizations implement an energy policy and define specific and measurable objectives to reduce the energy consumption of their activity, formalizing a constant process where they can plan, do, verify and act.

UNE EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System that allows companies to systematise environmental aspects within the organisation and covers all the possible impacts that the business may generate for appropriate evaluation and management.


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