Energy Audit

2020, the year of the energy audit for large companies

Royal Decree 56/2016 stipulates the performance of energy audits at large companies to measure their energy consumption and help them establish guidelines to become more efficient.
Any company with a workforce of more than 250 or with a turnover of over 50 million euros is required by law to carry out an energy audit that studies at least 85% of the energy consumption of its installations.

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Balantia, the right partner to fulfill the obligations of Royal Decree 56/2016

We identify the energy-consuming elements within a facility to design operational and/or investment solutions that optimise the energy cost of each process studied.

To do this, we apply a methodology based on the UNE EN 16247 standard that minimises the client's efforts and speeds up the preparation of a detailed final report.

Depending on the priority of the client, we carry out two types of audits:


Executive report in which the client can see:

Energy balance by source, both in energy and financial values.

Energy balance by use, both in energy and financial values.

Description of the company's main energy-consuming areas.

Sectorial KPIs.

Saving measures detected, both on an operational and investment level.


Report with an in-depth description and assessment of each and every aspect related to the energy of an asset.

This report will allow the company to comply with Royal Decree 56/2016 on Energy Audits.

Next Steps
The organisation may use the results of the energy audit to implement an Energy Management System that will provide a measured control of the installations and rule out the need for another energy audit in four years' time.

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