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The goal of the Balantia e-Value service is to achieve energy savings by optimising energy processes, where the client invests solely in generating a minimum monitoring infrastructure in order to properly analyse the data.

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The active energy management of installations is a complex task. It involves a continuous review of the variables with which energy-consuming equipment is operated to optimise its operating cost, with companies having to consider the impact on the quality of the services and/or products offered in each decision. When wanting to undertake this process of continuous action and review, companies often rely on their own technical services, which are overwhelmed by having to deal with their everyday tasks while taking on this kind of project. The result is an investment into monitoring and control platforms evaluated without considering an economic balance between cost and profit, as well as a gradual relinquishment of the tools implemented.

The e-Value service reduces the risk of management projects by designing the monitoring infrastructure solely to secure the highest possible savings, focusing efforts on the management of air conditioning and heating processes. Balantia's technological capabilities make it possible for clients to significantly reduce management costs thanks to its algorithms and massive data analysis tools, which automatically identify deviations and savings opportunities so that managers only have to properly interpret the information.

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